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Q:  Why is PMN no longer for sale?
A:  It's no longer viable to support this project.
Q:  Will the software still be available?
A:  When time permits, the application will be convered to OpenSource. Please check back in future.
Q:  Will support still be available?
A:  Support will not longer be available through this website.

Navigation Computer

Q:  How do I update my navigation computer's software to the latest version?
A:  Ask this question in the X5World.com Navigation Forum
Q:  Can I enable a warning sound when approaching a POI?
A:  The factory supplied navigation system does not have this feature, however there are some "hacked" versions of firmware available on the internet. Installation of third party software on your vehicle's navigation computer should be considered inherently risky.
Q:  Can I use different icons for different types of speed cameras?
A:  Yes, however limitations with the factory navigation system allow only one POI icon to be display at a time so you won't be able to see them on the screen at the same time.  For this reason, a single POI file is recommended for all classes of speed cameras.
Q:  I have an older CD-based navigation computer (MKII or MKIII) - can the computer hardware be upgraded to MKIV to support POI?
A:  Probably.  Ask this question in the X5World.com Navigation Forum
Q:  Is the RNS510 Navigation system (VW, Skoda, SEAT) supported?
A:  Yes, this support has recently been added.


Navigation Maps

Q:  I have a MKIV navigation computer, but my DVD-based map is older than 2006.  Can I use it, or do I need to obtain a newer version that supports POI?
A:  If it's a DVD map, then it currently needs to be a 2006-1 or later edition, although this requirement might be lifted in future, depending on customer demand.  (Maps are for sale from BMW dealers, Navteq, TeleAtlas and genuine maps can occasionally also be found on eBay.)
Q:  I have a MKIV navigation computer, with a CD-based (CARiN) map that does not have a /TPD directory structure on it.  Can Pimp-My-Nav add custom POI to it?
A:  Yes, Pimp-My-Nav is able to upgrade the file structures on a CARiN navigation CD so that a MKIV navigation computer can read custom Points of Interest from it.  (NB: MKIII and earlier computers will still NOT be able to read POI from this CD).  Please note that the Pimp-My-Nav will not install any POI data, except for some royalty-free airport information.
Q:  What is a CARiN CD? (Also known as Carinet or CarinDb)
A:  CARiN is an acronym for Car Information and Navigation.  This is a navigation map CD format created by VDO-Dayton that is compatible with various OEM navigation systems, including BMW (HIGH), Mini, Rolls-Royce, Vauxhall/Opel.  These CD's can usually be recognised by the presence of the following files:


Q:  Will you be supporting other makes of vehicles and after-market navigation systems that also use CARiN maps?
A: No
Q:  Will the application support future map CD/DVD's?
A:  Yes, new maps will be supported as long as Navteq keep the specification of the map DVD reasonably consistent with its current format.  All future compatibility updates will be free to registered users.
Q:  I have a navigation CD that is nearly full.  Am I limited to the maximum CD size of 650MB or the maximum DVD size of 4.3GB?
A:  Pimp-My-Nav will let you "upgrade" a CD to DVD, so the maximum DVD size is your limit (unless of course you do not have a DVD burner).
Q:  Can I update the navigation street maps with this program too?
A:  No, this tool is designed to update POI only.  The map database is encrypted and stored in a proprietary format specifically to prevent it from being copied or modified.
Q:  What's the issue with the 2010-1 map of Europe?
A:  The files for all the languages have mistakenly been added into the English language folder by the publisher, making it difficult to remove unused languages in order to reduce the map size.



Q:  What are POI?
A:  (P)oints (o)f (I)nterest are sets of GPS co-ordinates or waypoints on earth that can be loaded into a navigation system and displayed as icons on its map.  A typical application for POI are speed camera locations.
Q:  Where can I get speed camera POI files from?
A:  The best site for the UK, Australia and South Africa is www.pocketgpsworld.com.  Use Google to search for POI for other countries.  TomTom .ov2 or Garmin .gpx files are generally the least error-prone file types to use, although text file formats such as .asc and .csv are supported too.  TomTom POI usually include an icon.


CD/DVD Burning

Q:  Can you add support for my CD/DVD burning software?
A:  Where CD/DVD burning software supports an unattended execution via commandline parameters or a COM API, support may be added on a "best efforts" basis.  However it is highly recommended that you use the free ImgBurn application.
Q:  What blank CD or DVD media an I use?
A:  Use single-sided branded DVD-R, DVD+R or DVD-RW media for DVD's and CD-R or CD-RW for CD's.  Rewritable media is recommended as it's more environmentally friendly.  The vast majority of problems that people encounter are caused by using cheap, unbranded media, by burning the disk too fast, or because of a dirty laser lens in the DVD unit of the navigation computer and/or PC.
Q:  What speed should I burn the new CD/DVD at?
A:  It is HIGHLY recommended that you burn your first disk at 1X speed.  Thereafter, experimentation will soon establish if your navigation computer can read media burned by your computer at faster speeds.  4X appears to be a good compromise between speed and accuracy.
Q:  How can I ensure the CD/DVD I burned is error free?
A:  Burn at 1X speed until you have proved that this works with your particular hardware.  Tick the "Verify" box when burning to verify the disk immediately after writing.


Q:  I've run out of disk space - can I move the cache directory that Pimp-My-Nav uses to another drive?
A:  Yes. There are two things you can do to work around this problem:
  • Change the %Temp% directory to another drive (Control Panel | System | Advanced | Environment Variables | User, then change %Temp% to a folder on another drive.) This will affect all applications on your system.
  • Alternatively, change the folder for PMN only by setting the following registry value: Run RegEdit.exe, navigate to [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Bliksem\PimpMyNav] then create a new string value named "CachePath" and set it to "D:\Temp" (Assuming you want to use drive D: instead of C:)
Q:  I don't have the time to update the CD/DVD myself - can't you sell me an updated map with the latest speed camera POI?
A:  This site does not condone or participate in any way in the unauthorised duplication or distribution of copyright digital maps.



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