Pimp-My-Nav Requirements

Navigation Computer

Vehicle Manufacturer* Additional Requirements
BMW There are three supported navigation systems, all using DVD-based maps:
  • MKIV High navigation computer (Years 2003-2008)
    (How to check)
    with software version 4-1/70 or later, installed by update CD version 27 or later (How to check)
  • MKIV Professional navigation computer (Years 2003-2008)
    (How to check)
    with software version 4-1/70 or later, installed by update CD version 27 or later (How to check)
  • iDrive Professional Navigation (2003-2009)
(Limited models from BMW ownership era)
Range Rover
(Limited models from BMW ownership era)
Volkswagen, SEAT, Skoda
  • CD70 (BETA support)

* This website is not affiliated with nor endorsed by any of these manufacturers

Navigation Map

Supported Maps

The map must be CD or DVD-based - none of the systems with harddisk-based maps are supported.

  • Navteq or TeleAtlas navigation DVD released after January 2006.  e.g.
    • North America 2006-1 (Professional and High)
    • North America 2006-2 (Professional and High)
    • North America 2007-1 (Professional and High)
    • North America 2007-2 (Professional and High)*
    • North America 2008-1 (Professional and High)*
    • North America 2008-2 (Professional and High)*
    • Europe 2006-1 (Professional and High)
    • Europe 2006-2 (Professional and High)
    • Europe 2007-1 (Professional and High)
    • Europe 2007-2 (Professional and High)*
    • Europe 2008-1 (Professional and High)*
    • Europe 2008-2 (Professional and High)*
    • Europe 2009-1 (Professional and High)*
    • Europe 2009-2 (Professional and High)*
    • Europe 2010-1 (Professional and High)*
    • (+other maps not listed above)
  • Any VDO/Dayton CARiN-compatible navigation CD  e.g.
    • Germany (High)
    • Central Europe (High)
    • Great Britain/Ireland (High)
    • Australia (High)
    • South Africa (High)
    • Spain/Portugal (High)
    • Italy (High)
    • (+other maps not listed above)

    * See Unsupported Maps below

    Other maps for the same navigation system not listed above are also supported - please use the Compatibility Checker below or enquire if you are unsure.

    Note that you will require an original, unmodified navigation CD/DVD.  (For copyright and supportability reasons, the application will not work with navigation disks that have previously been modified manually.)

Maps with Issues

  • The 2008-2 and later map of Europe has increased in size to Dual Layer DVD media.  UltraIso must be updated to version 9.2 or later to support this map (free update for licensed users), while Pimp-My-Nav must be updated to 1.1.3472.19272 or later (also free for licensed users).
  • The 2010-1 map of Europe has not been compiled correctly (all the languages are in the English directory).  A free update to Pimp-My-Nav is available to customers to work around this issue.

Unsupported Maps

The iDrive Business system from April 2007 onwards is not supported as the POI format is not editable.  These maps can be identified by them not having a /TPD directory at the top level of the map DVD, and containing files similar to the following:


Examples of unsupported maps:

  • iDrive Business with Europe 2007-2
  • iDrive Business with Europe 2008-1
  • iDrive Business with Europe 2008-2

Compatibility Checking Tool

Download the Compatibility Checking Tool to check if your map is supported.  (NB: If you are not running Windows Vista or Windows 7, then please install the .Net 2.0 Runtime first)


Software Requirements

  • Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 or Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit editions)
  • Microsoft .Net runtime v2.0 (not required with Windows Vista or later)
  • ImgBurn CD/DVD burning software (free).
  • UltraIso (version 9.2 or later) is highly recommended for an automated CD/DVD creation workflow.


Hardware Requirements

  • A PC with a CD/DVD burner
    Note: For newer DVD-based maps larger than 4.3GB in size, a Dual Layer DVD burner is required.
  • 9GB(DVD) or 700MB(CD) of free disk space
  • 1GB+ of RAM
  • (An Internet connection to view maps)




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